Biotech 🦠, startups 🚀, tech 👨‍💻, web3 🔮.


Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been involved in.

Research / Science


  • Strateos
  • Transcriptic
  • Dentally I started working part-time at Dentally in January 2015. I’d known the founders Nick and James since the first Venture Catalyst Challenge at Imperial College. We were in the same cohort and I was always impressed with the productivity of these guys. Working part-time whilst writing my thesis I joined the management team of Dentally with a focus on devising growth strategies through business development and marketing.
  • I started Flow Microfluidics in 2013 to bridge the gap between clinical research and microfluidics fabrication. We provided fabrication services specifically tailored to researchers focused on vascular and urinary research. I evetually wrapped up Flow Microfluidics at the start of 2015, I’m really happy with the work that we did enabling researchers to get get new insights into clinically relevant phenomena. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the business model work as the over heads were exceptionally high for such a small customer base. I think with some pivotting and testing there is a business there but I couldn’t make it work alongside my PhD.
  • How to start-up and study at the same time - Playground 2013 This is the talk I gave at Plaground 2013. Playground is day long conference organised to encourage and inspire young researchers to get involved in the biotech industry. My talk was focused on how a researcher can dip their toe into entrepreneurial waters without getting washed away.


  • VitaDAO
  • Imperial Create Lab I helped in the founding year of the Imperial Create Lab. A co-op between Imperial College students and Imperial Innovations. The create lab helps students turn their ideas into reality by providing resources, mentoring, education and ultimately the potential to receive money to pursue their ideas in a climatic demo day!
  • IC Full Stack I founded this technology group for all students, staff and alumni of Imperial College interested in developing for the web. We hold monthly meetups where members show off what they have been working on and take the time to discuss web technologies with colleagues from all corners of the university over a beer.


  • Research Champion Uses RCUK grant application data to find, academics specialising in a certain field. Based on a python webserver and an Angular JS front end client.
  • Oppozeit This hack won us first place at the Seedhack 2013 hackathon ran by Seed Camp. We used the BBC juicer API to try and take two points of view on the same news story and present them side by side exposing the user to the bias in the news report. Python backend with Angular JS client side.
  • Marlowe This is an entirely javascript application that I am writing to manage submissions to research facilities ran as services. Primarily focused on stream lining the job submission and provision of results to users as well as notifying users of issues with equipment.
  • Imperial Create Lab I also contributed a lot of code to the Create Lab website as well! It is written in Ruby on Rails.
  • flickr IoT Photobooth Using a Raspberry Pi, a momentary switch, some Python and Ruby I put together a internet connected photobooth to be used at some of the Create Lab Events. When the user presses the button the Raspberry Pi takes a photo then uploads it to the Create Lab flickr account to be shown on monitors around the event space.