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How to use Marlowe in a sharepoint emergency!

Marlowe is a job tracking tool for the mass spectrometry service. It is a little buggy but it is better than submitting jobs by email!!

Quick Start

First you need to create an account with your email and a new password.

Once logged in, go to settings and add the project code where jobs get charged too.

Once that is created you can go ahead to the jobs section.

Click new job.

Chemical formula is case sensitive.

Fill in the details, the molecular weight will be calculated for you.

Hazard buttons don’t work so well right now so if you could just put the hazards in the comments that would be awesome!

Click the button to attach a chemical structure. We like jpg’s pleasethanks.

Then click Submit.

Note that after clicking submit, it will submit it but you won’t know!

Click the jobs button at the top of the page to return to your jobs so see your newly created job!!

That’s it, cya!

P.s if problems email Ben Miles, search the IC directory for it.